30 years of successful English Japanese translations and Japanese translation project management provide Universe with the experience and credibility needed for your Japanese technical translation projects. Universe brings to your Japanese Translation Project a team of native Japanese Translators, native Japanese Editors, as well as native Japanese Project Managers and Coordinators. We equip our personnel with our own state of the art technology to bring efficiency, consistency, accuracy, and expediency to your Japanese technical translation projects.

Universe provides a wide range of Japanese translations in fields ranging from technical, legal, and medical to energy, oil and gas, engineering, equipment manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace and other industries.

In addition to native knowledge of the language, our Japanese Technical translators add technical insight and understanding to your project, which are key to a successful technical translation. Our unique translation process, translation tools and technology will assure the highest quality in your English Japanese translation projects.



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Meet the President

Marion Rifkind

Founded in 1981, UNIVERSE has since become one of the largest and most respected companies in the foreign language translation industry.

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