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Universe Technical Translation UNIVERSE specializes in translation of technical, legal, and commercial documentation. All UNIVERSE translators are technically qualified native speakers. Our translations are precise, authentic, and exactly comparable to the original, including technical terminology. All translated material is checked by a separate, equally qualified native speaker. UNIVERSE translates the following:

  • Technical manuals
  • Engineering documents, specifications, drawings
  • Tenders, bid documents, inquiries, proposals
  • Reports and studies - feasibility, environmental, geophysical, geological, etc.
  • Patents, contracts, and other legal documents
  • Marketing and advertising brochures, catalogs, audio-visual presentations
  • Magazines, periodicals, scientific journals

All of the above will be produced for you electronically and as a hard copy in the language of your choice and in the file format you desire.

UNIVERSE will provide certification and notarization of our translations. Legalization of the translated documents through proper governmental bodies is available.



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Meet the President

Marion Rifkind

Founded in 1981, UNIVERSE has since become one of the largest and most respected companies in the foreign language translation industry.

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